Congrats, my potato friend.

You have been invaded my me, Trash.

I will now type some shit so this won't be as useless as every other page on this wiki.

also nice background it popped up when i was typing this and scared me.

  • Friends is a good TV show. I've watched the entire series and you should too but not in front of your parents and I am also now noticing I used no punctuation within this sentence.
  • I bet IHNC smells good irl
  • Can we just talk about Friends again? And how many ships there are? It's quite sad I can name them all. Can we also notice how literally 2/3 of the friends end up together. The other 1/3 didn't because then it would turn from Friends to Partners.
  • I get slightly turned on my the phrase "sleep together"
  • The last one was random and I apologize for any discomfort it's caused you.
  • My grandpa's head is shaped like a potato.
  • Okay feel free to add onto this because I really have nothing else to type.