This is a guide on how to become cringe by Undertale cringe, IHNC. This is guide will focus on how to become so cringy that you don't have any friends.

  1. Get into a fandom. Don't be one of the decent fans.
  2. Mention the thing you're in the fandom of EVERYWHERE. I'm using Undertale as an example. See a picture of yellow flowers? "OMG FLOWEY CONFIRMED"
  3. Spoil the thing. I'm not spoiling Undertale here. Pretend as if Ayano being the protagonist of Yandere Simulator was a huge spoiler. Mention that.
  4. Hate on someone who gives criticism on the thing as if they killed everyone you love. Bonus points if the criticism was valid. (I don't actually do that.)
  5. Make references to it ALL. THE. TIME.
  6. Insist that they watch videos of the thing. No, FORCE them.

Enjoy losing all your friends and being ABSOLUTELY UNBEARABLE!


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